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Embrace the Magic: Summer Solstice Retreat


Join us for a 3-day escape into enchantment! Immerse yourself in the Summer Solstice, Strawberry Moon, and the abundant energy of the season.

Dates: June 21-23, 2024


  • Machrie Moor Standing Stones Walk: Connect with ancient energies.

  • Witchy Workshops: Candle dressing, creating norse runes and Solstice inspired sun catchers

  • Sunrise Gazing and Dip: Charge your soul with morning energy.

  • Glen Walk: Forest bathe, dance, and enjoy a picnic.

  • Fairy Walk: getting lost in the local folklore.

  • Witchy Brews and Potions: Unleash your inner alchemist.

  • Fire Ceremony: Revel in a beach-side sunset.

  • Cacao Ceromony.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.

  • Twin en-suit rooms.

Why Join Us?

  • Reconnect with nature's magic.

  • Rediscover balance and abundance.

  • Make lasting connections.

  • Unleash your creativity.

Limited Spaces - Reserve Your Spot Now! Click the Link Below 

Ostara Workshop

The Yoga Tree, Stirling

Join our Ostara Workshop for a magical experience! Craft your own infused candle holders and tea light candles with magic and create a potent atomiser potion. Embrace the enchantment! 
Ostara, a celebration of the spring equinox, is believed to harness the magical powers of renewal and the welcoming of the warmth of the sun and light after a long winter. It is a time when the Earth awakens, symbolising growth, balance and new beginnings. 
This workshop aims to guide you in embracing the season’s transformative energy and empowering you with the art of crafting magical tools to enhance your spiritual practices. Through creative endeavours like candle holder making and potion crafting, you can align with rejuvenating forces of spring and amplify your magic.

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